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We are the best school management system in India.  Providing a complete cross-functional enterprise software driven by an integrated suite of bunches of modules that supports the basic internal business processes of any kind of educational institute. It gives an Institute an integrated real-time view of its core business processes such as Fees collection, Admission processing, salary processing, keeping track of defaulters and inventory management, tied together by ERP web browsing software along with mobile apps and a common database maintained by a database management.

Who Are We

A more than a year old baby now working continuously on customer centricity and delivering innovation. 

Our Mission

To shape you’r ideas into an unmatchable end product.

What We Do

We provide all sorts of technical services, consulting and business process. Specialized in ERP management system, Website  and Application development.

Our history

JMDiTHub was established in Feb, 2018. We came into existence with an motto to harness the needs of present customers all around the corner with a mission to shape your ideas into an never existing end product with a pinch our vision.

Our 6-D process



Discovering ideas and vision in terms of the raw requirement for the Kickstart.



Defining gathered requirements into something technical parameters in order achieve the end goals. 



Technical parameters are set and designed for each iteration as per Agile work methodology there by creating an outline architecture for the expected end product.



All technical requirements are developed to meet the expected small end product for each iteration which is already set during the define phase there by also making sure that it doesn’t effect the already incorporated features at each stage.   



After making sure that all the features is covered all around the corner, the product is deployed for trial period and that’s where its efficiency is verified. 



Once the product is stable and meets all the standards, The end product is delivered.

Why choose us?

Do just belive us? Reach out to clients and get to know us better!

We provide 24×7 support to clients over phone, chat and email.

Our solutions provides right results to our client. That our forte!

Our solutions brings out optimum productivity in an enterprise. Thus, making it more efficient and cost effective. 

Our team, though young has a combined work experience of decades.

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