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We, at JMD, turn your ideas into reality! Our efficient teams aligns with our clients to ensure they reach finish line with maximum ease and greater efficiency. Our products speak for themselves and thats why our clients are our biggest advertizers!

ERP Software

JMDiTHub is a robust, flexible, secure, and comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Our Enterprise Resource Planning software is web-based and has detailed reporting and management features that provides data on order forms, invoices, balance of payments, and ledgers. An all-inclusive dashboard enables easy follow-up on project status and stock sales.

High Flexibility

Our ERP software solutions can run on a cloud-based platform, offering instant access from a web browser or a Mobile application to the database, anywhere & anytime. JMD's proprietary ERP System - Provides Flexible Icon, 100% CUSTOM Design & FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS. We provide you a tailored ERP software solution based on your business needs.

100% Customisation

Understanding the necessity of customization during ERP system implementations, Team JMD comprises of competent experienced programmers, system analysts, QA/QC personnel who can help your business achieve all your goals. Our products run across platforms, thus providing flexibility to its users.

Research & Strategy

Instead of jumping in and seeing what sticks, we begin client work with an extensive research and strategy phase to ensure you are getting a best-in-class digital solution.

Experience & Interaction Design

UX these days means much more than a simple wireframe blueprint to your app or site design. It is about the entire product lifecycle and how it results in customer behavior.


Since we do the upfront job right, the development phase becomes painless. No more changing direction midstream or swimming in a sea of change requests. We bring the right strategy for you.

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Director, Chief Strategy Officer
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International Head (United States)
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